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Mar 25, 201309:12 AMLeader to Leader

with Terry Siebert

Six strategic questions to improve your business

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There is no doubt that things just aren’t the same as they used to be. The entire structure of business has been changing worldwide for some time now. As a result, businesspeople have found ways to survive, be frugal, stay together, and hang in there, and they’re reluctant to aggressively address strategic and big-picture questions.

It takes a lot of work to change and adapt to a complex and confusing world – so let’s not right now. Let’s just be tactical, operational, and focus on fixing and improving things. This is where our day-to-day world pulls us anyway. We basically want more revenue, within budgets. Let’s focus on the present and see what happens.

Let’s look at our business now by coming from some age-old, simple principles. (Problem-solving, motivating people to execute). Let’s look at basic issues and answer some straightforward questions around them one at a time, in order. Here is a great conversation to have with yourself or your team.

1) What are the strengths of our organization? (2 minutes – think and write)

2) What are the changes that are affecting our business right now? (2 minutes)

3) What are the challenges these changes present to me and my team?

4) What does our team need to do to meet these challenges?

5) What systems, habits, and skills need to be improved?

6) What do we need to do to build our people, our management, and future leaders? Where do you need to get better?

Now that wasn’t too time-consuming, and you probably wrote down a few things you need to improve.

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Known for his Dale Carnegie training expertise, Terry Siebert is writing to inspire leaders to reach their greatest potential. Leadership, today more than ever, may mean the difference between closing the doors or opening new markets. Every month, he'll post help with mindset, business tools and more.

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