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Feb 10, 201411:10 AMLeader to Leader

with Terry Siebert

7 more tools for tackling workplace stress

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As I noted in my last blog, stress in the workplace is probably as high or higher than it has ever been. With that in mind, I thought I’d present a few more tools to help you cope. Here you go:

1) Don’t be “on call” all the time. Leave your cell phone at home when you go out to a movie. (Please, we would all appreciate it!) Check your email and voice mail intermittently rather than constantly. Leave that reminder noise on your computer OFF — you do not have to check every email as it comes in! If you take a break to reenergize, you should actually be more efficient when you resume work, and the messages will still be there for you.

2) Realize that you can’t do everything immediately. Not everything needs to be done right away. If a certain demand occurs regularly, and if you are sure you aren’t procrastinating, planning and time management need to be addressed. Plan ahead and help others do the same by spelling out your expectations for scheduling.

3) Totally disconnect on a regular basis. Disconnect from all electronics. Cell phone, iPad, TV — everything. Then relax and enjoy the silence.

4) Understand and monitor your response to stress. When you sense stress coming on, have a preset game plan in mind for dealing with it. Monitor your self-talk — who is in control, you or the stress? Be sure it is you — especially in situations that recur regularly.


Feb 12, 2014 06:43 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Wise advice! Especially the "What is the worst thing that can happen?" When you stop to think about it, the problem can really shrink in size. Now if only it would stop being so cold so I can get outside more!

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