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September 2011

The art of name-calling and onomastication


The art of name-calling and onomastication

It all started when I decided to look up the word thesaurus in the thesaurus. As a content marketer and writer, I consider myself to have a rather multifarious vocabulary, but there it was, onomasticon. What the heck is an onomasticon? More importantly, who cares? I wasn’t about to descend further into the depths of the thesaurus to find out, unless, of course, I could use it for purposes of name-calling.

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Thomas Marks brings years of marketing experience to his blog "It's All About Content" as the President and Managing Partner of TMA+Peritus.  Prior to starting the agency in 1983, Tom was the VP of Marketing and Advertising for Bally Corporation in Chicago. He was also President of Bally's multi-million dollar in-house ad agency FFC Advertising.

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