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October 2011

Why do people spit?


Why do people spit?

Yes, I know, because they can. Answers to this important question, and others like it, will never solve the riddle of the Sphinx, but they are great conversation starters. At least in my circle of sophistication. But the best conversation igniter of all, at least in my circle of marketing sophisticates, is none other than, what’s the best tagline ever? Ask this question at your local ad rodeo, or even your local rodeo, and strap yourself in for a wild ride.

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Steve Jobs, the best salesman ever, changed my life


Steve Jobs, the best salesman ever, changed my life

As I get older, I give “stuff” the cold shoulder. I’m not about accumulating things, except my most improved swimmer medal from 1959. I just get a little creeped out seeing a lot of stuff stacking up. In fact, my wife and I ditched a car a few weeks ago and are a one-sled family – the jury’s still out on that decision. And truth be told, there are things I do accumulate: weight, art, glasses with various prescriptions, and products from one of America’s most fertile minds, Steve Jobs.

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