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Mar 2, 201510:41 AMIt's All About Content

with Thomas Marks

How to make your website a sales machine

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David Ogilvy was a legendary adman and salesman who cut his teeth selling stoves door to door. Decades ago, Ogilvy said, “The worst fault a salesman can commit is to be a bore. Foster any attempt to talk about other things; the longer you stay, the better you get to know the prospect, and the more you will be trusted.”

Now think about this in regard to your website. Is it boring? Strike one. Is it loaded with content and are there lots of things to talk about? If not, then strike two. Is it sticky? Are people spending ample time on your site? If they aren’t, strike three. Are you building trust by way of your website, nurturing leads, adding value because of your content, and being a thought leader? If not, strike four.

Here are a few approaches to your next website redesign project that would win Ogilvy’s approval.

Website design is always based on contentthe content you have now and the content your strategic website brief indicates you’ll have in the future. As improbable as it sounds, there are still plenty of Web companies that start the process with design. Wrong. You’re going to have a more compelling design that’s less boring when you start with content.

Websites are content-critical. You should have a lot to talk about because you do have satisfied customers who are probably willing to share how pleased they are with your company.


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Thomas Marks brings years of marketing experience to his blog "It's All About Content" as the President and Managing Partner of TMA+Peritus.  Prior to starting the agency in 1983, Tom was the VP of Marketing and Advertising for Bally Corporation in Chicago. He was also President of Bally's multi-million dollar in-house ad agency FFC Advertising.

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