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State economy should grow through 2020, but wild cards in deck

The U.S. economy set a record July 1 for the most consecutive months without a recession — 121, to be precise — a streak that began in mid-2009 as the financial crisis underlying the Great Recession hit bottom.

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Wisconsin early stage investment trends: Bigger deals, more outside money

In texting slang, “OPM” is short for “Other People’s Money.” When it comes to early stage investing in Wisconsin these days, it can also serve as an acronym for “Other People’s Money Matters.”

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Dane County growth helps communities well beyond its borders

If there’s a tangible sign of confidence in the opening of Exact Sciences Discovery Campus on Madison’s West Side, it’s the fact that a nearby parking ramp with spaces for 970 employees at any one time is also ready to go.

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5G wireless bill will better connect Wisconsin

To the casual user, the evolution of wireless technology has been a steady progression of higher speeds that have enabled people to move from email and texting on clunky mobile phones to video streaming and fast internet searches in about three decades.

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Transportation budget should reflect what future will bring

Coming up with ways to pay for highways, ports, and other forms of travel is a challenge as old as the nation.

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