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Wisconsin’s congressional delegation should weigh in on trade, tariffs

Beyond a relative handful of protectionists and favored industries, it’s hard to find an economist, business leader, or other expert who believes President Trump is on target with his unilateral trade war.

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Solving real-world problems may distinguish Wisconsin, Midwest ’treps

A day after NovoMoto won the 15th anniversary edition of the Governor’s Business Plan Contest, a friend offered an anecdote about why he thinks the Madison-based company will be successful.

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Signs of ‘Rust Belt renaissance’ evident in Wisconsin, Upper Midwest

At the Wisconsin Entrepreneurs’ Conference, most speakers and panelists will focus on the skills, connections, and tactics necessary for emerging companies. One discussion will drill into a larger question tied to the overall outlook: Is the Midwest a good place for young companies or not?

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In building a workforce at Foxconn, ‘Wisconsin First’ is watchword

During a presentation comparing South Carolina’s experience with BMW to what’s about to happen in Racine County with Foxconn, I asked listeners if they knew anyone — family, friend, or neighbor — who lived in southeast Wisconsin and trekked to northern Illinois daily for work.

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Even in prosperous times, rural Wisconsin economy faces an uphill climb

By many standards, Wisconsin’s overall economic condition has never been better.

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