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October 2017


As workforce growth slows, new approaches are needed to meet demand

Employers and others worried about the “skills gap” for years, often lamenting that workers weren’t prepared to perform the jobs for which they were hired.

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Keeping up higher ed investments will help meet workforce needs

A few hundred yards from the UW–Madison College of Engineering’s core campus is a fresh example of why engineering is more than classrooms and theory: It’s a hands-on discipline for turning ideas into prototypes and products that help people.

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When natural disaster strikes: Poor policies, incentives compound the damage

There is nothing new about hurricanes. Nor are wildfires a recent phenomenon. What’s new is that a combination of inattention to science, human behavior, and poor public policy is making things a lot worse before and after such disasters strike.

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Meanwhile, in Milwaukee, the seeds of a tech-based economy are growing

It’s easy to forget, especially if you live there, that the Madison area has a lot going on when it comes to competing in the knowledge-based economy.

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Quietly but steadily, health care innovation isn’t waiting for Congress to act

The logjam in Washington, D.C., over federal health-care policy might lead some people to fear the Obamacare stalemate threatens to stifle innovation from top to bottom in health care.

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