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with Tom Still

November 2018


Wisconsin R&D figures reflect strengths — and some challenges

The annual report by the National Science Foundation on research and development spending by U.S. colleges and universities confirmed what many people already know: The UW–Madison is a powerhouse when it comes to attracting R&D dollars.

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Colorado’s state brand has some deep Badger roots

If you know the name Aaron Kennedy, it’s most likely because he earned a graduate degree at UW–Madison in the late 1980s and five years later started Noodles & Co., an upscale fast-food chain that boasts one of its first stores on Madison’s State Street.

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Tech, art, and design of ‘smart’ cities converge through Wisconsin company

Six weeks ago in the art-conscious town of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a somewhat eclectic group of technologists, architects, city planners, fabricators, and artists of all persuasions got together to talk about the future of art and how it can transform public settings.

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How economy plays into ‘right track, wrong track’ opinions

Good political pollsters are quick to issue warning labels when it comes to head-to-head matchups between candidates in an election.

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