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November 2014


A Thanksgiving appeal to the great techie in The Cloud

A techie’s Thanksgiving prayer to the Great CIO in the Sky: As we gather this Thanksgiving to share time with family, friends, and food, let us count the blessings of our digital age … using zeros and ones only, of course.

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Net neutrality debate can be resolved without return to 1930s regulation

By any standard, the Internet ranks as one of the leading innovations of our time. It has revolutionized everything from commerce to medicine to entertainment, all within the confines of a generation.

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Investors captured voter imagination: What does it mean for Wisconsin?

Someplace, Mitt Romney must be smiling. Romney, who lost the 2012 presidential election to President Obama, weathered no small amount of campaign heat over the alleged “vulture capitalist” practices of his private equity firm, Bain Capital. Romney was accused of building Bain’s portfolio on the backs of the working poor, a charge tied to the company’s merger and acquisition business far more than its venture capital investments.

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On professional school tuition, UW needs freedom to compete on price

Imagine you’re shopping for a car, groceries, clothing, or almost any consumer product. Price matters … but so does quality. In fact, survey research indicates you may be turned off by prices that are too low because you may suspect something is wrong with the product.

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