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Inside Wisconsin

with Tom Still

November 2013


10 trends defining tech-based development in Wisconsin

A recent Wisconsin Taxpayers Alliance study confirmed that Wisconsin lost more jobs than it gained over the past decade, but there’s cause for hope in economic sectors that are sources of young, high-growth companies. Here are 10 trends shaping the future of Wisconsin’s tech-based economy.

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Fifty years after his death, JFK’s science and technology legacy endures

The wave of remembrances tied to the 50th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination have necessarily stressed his role in pushing the frontiers of space exploration, but his contributions to innovation in other realms of science and technology reach well beyond.

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No matter where you stand on climate change, you can warm to this idea

Two days after Typhoon Haiyan left a trail of death and destruction in the Philippines, some of the nation’s leading climate scientists gathered at a higher education conference to talk about how to better predict the next mega-storm. Their conclusion: Whether or not people and policymakers buy into the notion of manmade climate change, the science of forecasting the strength, target, and frequency of such storms must qualitatively improve.

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The ups and downs of angel investing

Angel and venture capital investing in Wisconsin has many faces. They range from sophisticated fund managers, inside the state and out, who handle multimillion-dollar deals to the casual investor who may join a hometown angel network and take part in one five-digit deal a year.

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Forget Austin envy: Cities, states, and regions must map their own routes to success

It’s rarely a bad idea to compare and contrast when it comes to business development, whether it’s city to city, state to state, or region to region. It can be a really bad idea, however, to get hung up on it.

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Tom Still is president of the Wisconsin Technology Council. He is the former associate editor of the Wisconsin State Journal.



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