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May 2020


Guarding Wisconsin’s growth in tech jobs should be part of COVID-19 strategy

Before the COVID-19 epidemic sunk its bristly microscopic nodes into the economy, Wisconsin’s tech-based sector was making solid progress in jobs, salaries, and contribution to the state domestic product.

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Court ruling aside, consumer confidence still key to reopening

The virus that circled the globe in under six months is not going away simply because a divided Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the state’s safer-at-home order. Everyone understands that dangerous medical reality — or should.

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Is there a patient in the house? Hospitals eager to get back to normal

This may sound counterintuitive given the state is still dealing with the largest pandemic in a century, but Wisconsin hospitals aren’t all that busy.

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The entrepreneur class of 2020 will find ways to survive

As the COVID-19 calendar turns to the graduation month of May, many people will think of the high school and college classes of 2020 — young people whose lives were abruptly altered in ways that seemed unthinkable less than a semester ago.

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