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with Tom Still

March 2017


Science cuts could weaken economy, national security

With his proposed cuts in federal research and development spending, President Trump risks harming a priority he puts at the top of his own list — national security.

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Business Plan Contest entries reflect market trends, state’s economic diversity

The annual Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest has always been a canary in a high-tech coalmine, chirping out alerts about the kinds of businesses emerging in the state’s economic sectors.

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Graying of America brings opportunities for ‘elder tech’ entrepreneurs

If seniors command so much financial clout, why aren’t more entrepreneurs looking to create products or services that cater to their changing health needs and lifestyles?

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Eau Claire proves smaller communities can compete for talent

Cool cities are hot cities when it comes to company and job creation. While many people think that’s largely a big-city phenomenon, it has increasingly become true for mid-sized and even small cities.

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