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March 2015


American Family helping set standard for ‘big company’ role in emerging economy

From the outside, American Family Insurance might strike observers as a buttoned-down, old-line company operating in a traditional business market. Beneath that blue-chip exterior beats the heart of a corporate entrepreneur.

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Keeping the pipeline filled with engineers essential for Wisconsin business

If you want to know why engineering appears once again on the rise as a career choice, just check out Education News and its “Career Path” database for average salaries for engineers.

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Portals for doing business abroad are wide open for Wisconsin companies

Neil Karolek, the gregarious yet all-business president of TLX Technologies in Pewaukee, is blunt when he talks about his company’s entry into international markets. “Don’t do it like I did it!” Karolek told about 50 people at a March 12 meeting of the Wisconsin Innovation Network’s Milwaukee chapter.

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Cities that try to block ‘shared economy’ risk missing an innovation trend

Whether the phenomenon is called the “shared economy” or the “on-demand economy,” companies that capitalize on making more efficient use of people and their possessions are changing some traditional business models.

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Internet access battle far from over in Congress

Two weeks ago during a Washington, D.C., “fly-in” of technology groups, companies, and carriers, one of five members of the Federal Communications Commission held aloft the 332-page plan touted as necessary to treat all Internet traffic equally.

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