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January 2019


It depends on where you stand: Opposing views of economic ‘glass’ both have merit

In his first State of the State speech since taking office, Gov. Tony Evers spoke of the Wisconsin economy as a glass he sees as half empty for many people.

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Catching up on some Wisconsin companies: Epic, Fiserv, and Exact Sciences

Jim Cramer, the perpetually energetic financial analyst for CNBC’s Mad Money, thinks it would be a natural for Apple to part with a chunk of its reported $123 billion in cash to buy Verona-based Epic Systems.

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Evers’ message to business group measured, but largely upbeat

Gov. Tony Evers is the first to admit that, after 40-plus years as an educator, he’s not going to be a leopard who changes his spots. He’s passionate about schools at all levels because that’s where he spent his career before running for governor.

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Some economic trends to follow in the new year

We’re only a week into 2019, so the New Year is still an infant crying to be adopted by a nurturing economic forecast. Here are a few prognostications and trends to watch.

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Despite national economic troubles, Wisconsin’s tech sectors can grow in 2019

After years of wearing nothing but white hats, Big Tech added gray and even a bit of black to its wardrobe in 2018.

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