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January 2018


Compromise in U.S. immigration debate could help Wisconsin

The bipartisan deal that ended the federal government shutdown and left open the door for a congressional solution on immigration is an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed. Wisconsin’s workforce crisis demands it.

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Beloit revival example of how civic-minded patrons can change a town

or those who have watched the 1946 movie classic It’s a Wonderful Life, a memorable character is Henry F. Potter, the richest man in town and a malevolent banker who wants to own everything and everybody.

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Underused ‘white space’ in broadcast spectrum offers broadband hope

Wisconsin is on a short list of a dozen states targeted by a coalition led by Microsoft to greatly expand the use of white space, mainly in the television spectrum, to extend high-speed broadband internet service to homes, businesses, and more.

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After 15 years, business plan contest still helping young companies compete

The first Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest in 2004 ended in a tie — a statistical, down to the hundredths-place tie.

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Tech trends for 2018: It’s still all about people

In 2018, the pace of tech innovation will accelerate in areas where once-fanciful ideas are becoming integral to commerce, health, entertainment, security, learning, energy, manufacturing, and more.

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