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January 2017


Fencing entrepreneurs out: Occupational licenses are barrier

Many elements make up a thriving entrepreneurial economy. Among them are cultures that reward risk and don’t penalize honest failure; workers who are diverse in terms of skills and training; clusters of innovation in cities or universities; and access to capital.

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Following up on tolls, venture capital, broadband, and solar energy

Just catching up on some recent topics …

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Hyde shows how young firms can emerge with help from Business Plan Contest

Part of what kept Hyde afloat was its performance in the business plan contest, which is open for entries for its 14th year through 5 p.m. Jan. 31 at

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Walker previewing a comprehensive approach to workforce growth

As he stood before a crowd at the annual economic forecast luncheon of the Wisconsin Bankers Association on Jan. 5, Gov. Scott Walker was upbeat about what 2017 promises for the state. His caveat, however, was all about people.

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Ask not for whom the road tolls: Wisconsin, it may someday toll for thee

In a scene from “Guys on Ice,” the comedic musical about two Wisconsin ice fishermen, the main characters muse about what heaven might offer should they abruptly be “pulled up” like a hooked fish. Lloyd and Marvin imagine heaven as the icy opposite of hell, stocked with 50-pound perch minus the bag limits … and a place where the highway tollbooths in Illinois pay them.

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