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January 2016


Repeal nuclear moratorium — but don’t expect new power plants in Wisconsin

It’s hard to find a more knowledgeable advocate of nuclear energy than Michael Corradini, a professor of engineering physics at the UW–Madison, a past president of the American Nuclear Society, and a longtime advisor to governments at home and abroad.

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Campus entrepreneurism moves from fad to fixture for students, faculty

Atop a hill that overlooks the core of Milwaukee’s largest health care hub sits a gleaming symbol of investment by the UW–Milwaukee and its partners in a different kind of university.

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Wisconsin can move into the R&D passing lane with autonomous vehicles

Wisconsin has always been in the driver’s seat when it comes to innovation around machines that move on roads, waterways, and farm fields.

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Computer sciences at UW–Madison expanding reach into Wisconsin economy

On a campus famed for its breakthroughs in biotechnology, engineering, and agriculture, a much smaller department is exerting an outsized effect on the Wisconsin economy — and beyond.

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