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Inside Wisconsin

with Tom Still

January 2014


Can science and technology help farmers meet new challenges?

The challenges facing agriculture, especially animal agriculture, are evident in news reports almost daily. In a state such as Wisconsin, where agriculture was a $61 billion industry last year and dairy accounted for nearly half ($26.5 billion) of the total, those reports have combined with worries about the next federal farm bill, ever-changing consumer trends, and more to create a sense of unease about the future.

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Striking an energy-generation balance: Will Wisconsin be late for dinner?

Matt Neumann’s Pewaukee-based company, Sunvest Solar, is running hot these days. It has more than 210 solar energy projects in some phase of installation, he told attendees at a recent conference in Madison, but only one in Wisconsin.

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New book by Madison IT experts explores the comical world of health care codes

Imagine you’re a doctor with a patient who was bitten by a dolphin. The precise code for reporting that medical calamity is W56.01. Triaging some poor soul who was sucked into a jet engine? There’s a code for that, too: V97.33xD. Treating someone who was injured by an explosion onboard a sailboat? Yep, that’s V93.54xD.

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Business plan contest offers entrepreneurs a way to build

There may be as many ways to get a company up and running as there are startups. The lean startup methodology works for some, especially if the goal is to produce a “minimum viable product” that allows entrepreneurs to learn from potential customers before they build something the market doesn’t really want.

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Tom Still is president of the Wisconsin Technology Council. He is the former associate editor of the Wisconsin State Journal.



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