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with Tom Still

February 2020


With partnerships and academic resources, some communities finding new prosperity

Wisconsin’s economic geography can be roughly divided into places that enjoy a strong measure of prosperity and those communities searching for ways to reverse decades of declining fortunes.

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Broadcast spectrum ‘white space’ inches closer to providing rural broadband service

White space may soon become part of the larger tech mosaic for improving broadband service in hard-to-reach parts of the nation, rural Wisconsin included.

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In a smaller world, global economy can seem scary — but it’s also reality

There are many reasons why people in Wisconsin and elsewhere can be skeptics when it comes to the global economy. Whether it’s the coronavirus outbreak, seemingly endless debates over tariffs and trade pacts, or worries over jobs being lost overseas, people can be tempted to think it’s time to crawl into a manhole and cover it from above.

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What ‘Rust Belt?’ Latest think-tank report debunks tired image

Don’t talk to John Austin about the Midwest “Rust Belt.” He’ll tell you how that depressing image is fading in very real ways.

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