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December 2018


Business Plan Contest attracting more quality entries from across Wisconsin

In its earlier years, the Wisconsin Governor’s Business Plan Contest tended to have more entries from the Madison area and, as a result, more Dane County finalists.

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The late Bill Kraus defined what it meant to be a citizen of Wisconsin

It was called “The Bullpen.” Just inside the front door of the governor’s office in the East Wing of the State Capitol was, and remains to this day, a large room populated by desks, cubicles, telephones, and all the necessary tools of a government at work.

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Wisconsin’s economic development can be enhanced by bipartisan approach

Some issues addressed by state government are unavoidably partisan, but the economic vitality of Wisconsin need not be one of them.

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Computer science education taking many routes as workforce needs grow

As the digital economy grows, the need for people who are skilled in writing code, managing networks, and protecting against cyberattacks has become akin to feeding a large, insatiable baby. The more it’s fed, the bigger the appetite.

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Gene-modified babies violate scientific ethics and process

Sadly, it was only a matter of time before a scientist somewhere outside the United States claimed to have created the world’s first genetically altered human babies.

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