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December 2015


Global energy debate hits home with plans for a gas-fired power plant in Wisconsin

It probably flies over the heads of most people when world leaders gather to chart plans for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. After all, Joe and Jane Citizen aren’t sure what global pacts mean to them where they live. Less reliable energy? Higher energy costs? Or both?

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Holiday perks includes naughty and nice in Wisconsin politics

A source close to the toy industry has once again leaked a copy of Santa’s perks list for Wisconsin politicians and newsmakers. Here’s what the good boys and girls in Madison and Washington will reportedly find in their stockings this Christmas. But they better not pout and they better not cry if an alert district attorney asks why gifts were delivered down chimneys after midnight.

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Entrepreneurism should be statewide goal

It’s a sore thumb that refuses to heal: Wisconsin ranks among the nation’s bottom-feeders when it comes to business startups.

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Statewide business plan contest is springboard for young companies

Katie Brenner of bluDiagnostics came up with an idea of a better fertility test for women because it was a problem she once struggled with herself. Fortunately for Brenner, she’s a researcher and with the help of another scientist developed a saliva-based test called Fertility Finder.

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Effort to help vet entrepreneurs seeks high ground in Wisconsin

The “Greatest Generation” that won World War II wasn’t just great because of what they did while in uniform. When they returned from military service, they also sparked a peacetime economic boom that still echoes today.

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