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December 2014


Skating to the puck: Policymakers should keep eye on emerging sources of jobs

Hockey great Wayne Gretzky is credited with proclaiming, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been.” Maybe Gretzky should have become an economist after he hung up his hockey gear. His advice is salient off the ice as well as on.

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Holiday perks list includes naughty and nice in Wisconsin politics

A source close to the toy industry has once again leaked a copy of Santa’s perks list for Wisconsin politicians and newsmakers. Here’s what the good boys and girls in Madison and Washington will reportedly find in their stockings this Christmas. But they better not pout and they better not cry if an alert district attorney asks why gifts were delivered down chimneys after midnight.

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In the tech world, ‘right-to-work’ laws aren’t a factor

If you ask the typical technology company executive or worker what he or she thinks of “right-to-work” laws, which say workers cannot be forced to join a union shop and pay dues as a condition of employment, you may get a blank stare for an answer.

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High-tech on the gridiron: How Camp Randall went from dead zone to hot spot

At the close of the third quarter during the Wisconsin Badgers’ runaway football victory over Nebraska, a new entry went into the record books … and not just Melvin Gordon’s single-game rushing record of 408 yards.

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Public perceptions of science, tech often filtered through values instead of data

A recurring phrase from candidates in the fall 2014 elections, especially those hoping to deflect questions about climate change, the Keystone pipeline, or the labeling of genetically modified foods, was “I’m not a scientist.” Few politicians are scientists, of course. Nor are many candidates for elective office doctors, engineers, or accountants.

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