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with Tom Still

August 2016


Here’s a five-point plan for improving Wisconsin’s startup economy

There is no shortage of explanations for why Wisconsin routinely shows up at the bottom of the Kauffman Foundation’s business startup rankings, the latest of which pegged the state 25th among the nation’s 25 largest states.

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What's the safest way to transport crude oil?

With a constancy that goes unnoticed by most people, crude and refined oil flows past us every minute, hour, and day.

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Advanced industry jobs matter across Wisconsin, not just biggest cities

State policymakers might easily believe so-called “advance industry” jobs are purely a Madison or Milwaukee phenomenon and not really all that relevant to the rest of Wisconsin.

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What will it take for state's tech-heavy industries to stay competitive?

The latest report from the Brookings Institution has underscored the value of “advanced industries” to the economy — not only to the nation, but also to Wisconsin.

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As manufacturing shakedown continues, 4 ‘Cs’ will spell the difference

Most Americans probably think the worst is over for U.S. manufacturing jobs, which declined 1.6% per year in the decade ending in 2014. More than 2.1 million jobs disappeared during that time.

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