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April 2020


Consumer confidence, not orders and lawsuits, will bring economy back

We ventured out on Madison’s Beltline highway the other day, noticing as soon as we climbed the entry ramp that something was different.

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Longer-term economic recovery may depend on how science can help

Whether it’s called a modern Manhattan Project or a medical moon shot, the concept of long-term economic recovery rests on how confident people are they won’t risk serious illness by venturing forth in public again.

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How Epic’s digital health tools are helping fight COVID-19

Until a few months ago, some health care professionals were just as likely to view the use of electronic health records as a burden as an asset. Today, with the COVID-19 crisis nearing a disturbing crescendo in many U.S. states, those attitudes may be changing.

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In Wisconsin, underlying strength of hospitals may be COVID-19 edge

As Wisconsin prepares for what public health experts predict will be a surge of COVID-19 cases requiring more than stay-at-home treatment, the state may have an edge not available in some places.

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