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April 2019


Idealism or inevitable? Greening of America well underway

Renewable energy sources; conservation strategies in manufacturing, construction, and other sectors; “smart” power grids and transportation hubs; and making wise use of natural resources are all part of the U.S. economy’s general movement toward sustainability.

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Foxconn won’t hire 13,000 people ­— but it may help to lift state’s economy

When Gov. Tony Evers said recently it is “difficult for me to imagine” 13,000 people working for the Foxconn Technology Group in Wisconsin, he was almost certainly correct.

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Some may question siting, but solar energy on the rise in Wisconsin

Here’s a fact that will likely surprise anyone who likes to joke, whine, or fume about the weather in Wisconsin, which includes many of us: The sun shines over the Badger State more than half the time.

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In a spreading tech environment, Wisconsin must strive to compete

Gone are the days when people associated Kansas City only with factories, railroads, and great barbecue, even though all three still flourish. Today, Kansas City is also a technology hub for companies such as Cerner, Garmin, DST Systems, Honeywell, and Sprint, and it’s one of the most wired cities in America.

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New UW Health project focuses on innovation, startups

Dr. Rock Mackie jokes he is a “reformed academic,” having spent much of his career as a researcher in medical physics and oncology at UW–Madison.

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