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April 2015


Turning brain drain into brain gain: Growth strategies for rural Wisconsin

Looking back on a litany of grant announcements by the U.S. Department of Agriculture over the past six months or so, I reached this conclusion: Wisconsin leaves a lot of federal money on the table.

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Patent director’s visit to Wisconsin underscores value of innovation economy

When computer scientist Michelle Lee joined Google as its first head of patent strategy, the company held a few dozen intellectual property grants. When she left eight years later, Google’s portfolio spanned 10,500 patents.

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Data science is transforming decision-making: How will society strike a balance?

Data science is a fancy term for statistics. It’s the extraction of knowledge from data, which can be derived from multiple digital sources and turned into a resource to make business decisions.

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Managing state or regional brands is hard to get right — and keep right

Brands are finicky things. If you don’t believe so, ask the red-faced politicians in Indiana. Just when the Hoosier state should be basking in the light of the Final Four men’s collegiate basketball tournament in Indianapolis, most of the news about Indiana’s image is focused on its “religious objections” law.

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