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Things not to say or do when dealing with a pregnant employee

Considering the amount of training and advice available to organizations, there are some things supervisors should know not to say to a pregnant employee. For example, don’t suggest an abortion because of concerns of future absences. Don’t ask if a pregnancy means the employee will be quitting soon. Why? As the employer in Hitchcock v. Angel Corps, Inc. learned, such behavior is the start to a textbook example of how to stumble into an expensive lawsuit and jury trial.

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Do your policies pass the ease-of-doing-business test?

I was sitting in an airport waiting for my flight. It looked like everything was going to be on time when the announcement came: "Ladies and gentlemen, we are overbooked for today’s flight. I need one person whose travel plans are flexible to volunteer to take a later flight. No one will board the plane until someone volunteers. We will provide a $500 flight voucher that can be used on any future flight …" Within about 10 minutes the airline had a volunteer and we were ready to begin the boarding process. But there was something about the announcement that didn’t sit right with me.

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Your employment contracts are not the place for a scavenger hunt

Can an offer letter be an employment contract? How about an employee handbook? Yes, they can be, but it is much better to not have that be the case. As shown by a recent Milwaukee case, without drafting the terms of a formal employment contract, there can be needless confusion and expensive litigation.

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Starting May 7, a new form required for all employers

Under the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986, employers have to document an employee’s identity and ability to work lawfully in the United States. As of May 7, employers will have to start using an updated version of the employment verification form, commonly referred to as Form I-9. The new version of the form must be used for all new hires, rehires, and employment authorization reverifications occurring on or after May 7.

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Telecommuting boo-hoos at Yahoo!

California-based Yahoo and its CEO, Marissa Mayer, made quite the splash last week after announcing that the company was ending its policy of allowing employees to work from home. The social mediaverse lit up with criticism against the company, and Virgin Group founder Sir Richard Branson called the move “perplexing” and “a backwards step.”

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