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Will more federal laws be tested in wake of Hobby Lobby decision?

Somewhere, Mitt Romney is feeling vindicated. The former presidential candidate drew much ire and ridicule for saying “corporations are people.” That sentiment did not help Romney on the election trail. However, it was recently memorialized in the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision.

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17 tips for being a great mentor

Have you ever had a mentor? Someone who took you under his or her wing to show you the ropes? Someone who freely gave their time and shared their knowledge and experience to assist you in your own growth and development? I can think of a couple of mentors I have had over the course of my career. These individuals helped shape my view of leadership and created my belief that a leader’s job, in part, is to develop future generations of leaders.

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Why it shouldn’t matter that Gov. Walker shared a stage with a sex offender

At the Wisconsin State of the State (SOTS) address, Gov. Walker stressed that economic conditions were improving and introduced some workers who had secured jobs. The day after the speech, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel column noted that one of the workers has a criminal past that includes a sexual offense and multiple incidents of drunk driving.

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10 worthy charities for the holiday season

This month I had the privilege of compiling the Employment Law Blog Carnival (ELBC). What’s that, you ask? Answer: It’s a monthly workplace blog by employment attorneys and HR professionals throughout North America that compiles the best human resources and employment law blogs in one space, all neatly tied together around a special theme.

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Obamacare ruling means corporations can practice religion and deny contraception coverage

The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals recently granted an injunction against the Affordable Care Act’s mandate that employers must provide contraception care coverage to employees. In its remarkably expansive ruling, the court said business owners and their companies are persons entitled to religious freedom. Further, the court concluded the Affordable Care Act substantially burdened the owners and their companies’ religious freedom and granted a preliminary injunction barring the contraception mandate from taking effect while the case is litigated in the trial court.

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