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Apr 20, 201504:54 PMForward HR

with Diane Hamilton and Nilesh Patel

Why you should strive for integration, not balance

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“Hi. How are you?”

This is a pretty standard greeting as we acknowledge co-workers in the morning or begin a phone conversation. In fact, it’s become the kind of question that rarely, if ever, requires a serious response. If we do get a real answer, it often feels awkward or even intrusive.

For some time I’ve noticed that the response I usually get when I ask, “How are you?” is “busy,” “crazy,” or “stressed.” It seems like most of us are running in different directions, struggling to manage it all, and striving to make a difference in our personal and professional lives. The common thread is the desire to achieve a greater work-life balance.

While it is something many of us talk about, I want to challenge the notion of work-life balance. Balance suggests equilibrium –– that our work and personal lives are evenly distributed. I don’t think that’s possible or even desirable. On any given week, the facets of our lives are ebbing and flowing. For example, over the past couple of years I have found myself helping to care for an elderly parent. The “life” side of the equation changed dramatically. When I travel for a client engagement, work is fairly consuming.

I think “balance” indicates that our work and personal lives are entirely separate –– that they have nothing in common with each other (i.e., when I go to work I leave my personal life at home and vice versa). This just isn’t true. The boundaries are certainly blurred. In our complex lives, we often need to attend to personal things during the course of a “normal” workday. And, with 24/7 connectivity, we know that for many of us, work easily drifts into all hours of the day and night.


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 Diane Hamilton, PCC, SPHR, is the owner and founder of Calibra, a coaching and consulting firm focused on maximizing leadership potential. Nilesh Patel is the principal attorney of the Mahadev Law Group, LLC, which focuses on human resources and employment law issues for organizations. He can be reached at Both bloggers are members of Wisconsin SHRM, which is dedicated to being the state leader in HR management and the premier source for HR expertise and resources. More information can be found at You can follow the WI SHRM blog at



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