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Stop the mind reading — give candid feedback

Providing feedback (positive and constructive) is Management 101. Giving feedback to direct reports, coworkers, or team members is essential to success. Providing upward feedback, while sometimes tricky, helps contribute to a transparent environment focused on growth and development.

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Creating a high-performing environment

Leaders play an important role in creating a motivating work environment. They set the tone by demonstrating respect, valuing employees, and creating a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

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Why you should strive for integration, not balance

“Hi. How are you?” This is a pretty standard greeting as we acknowledge co-workers in the morning or begin a phone conversation. In fact, it’s become the kind of question that rarely, if ever, requires a serious response. If we do get a real answer, it often feels awkward or even intrusive.

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3 keys to building credibility as a leader

We hear a lot about credibility these days, particularly as it relates to our elected officials. It has even surfaced as we evaluate the results of our sporting events (e.g., deflated footballs, blown calls). Credibility is the quality of being believable or worthy of trust. As a leader, it allows your employees to put their faith in you to make good decisions, communicate with transparency, and be a reliable source of information.

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What are the new religious exemption rules for contraception coverage?

The Obama administration has published new regulations to address recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions concerning employers who have religious objections to offering health coverage for contraceptives.

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