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When does indexing investments require caution?

I’m a big fan of index funds. I prefer lower-cost asset class funds (similar to indexes, but more surgically structured to target factors or asset classes), but let’s not nitpick here. Today, the investment world well knows the value of indexing.

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The world didn’t end in the first quarter of 2016

In February, I wrote about the bear market we were in and the fact there was little an investor could do about it that would be short-term exploitable. That doesn’t stop people from trying to do something about it and it doesn’t stop “experts” from making bold and extreme claims. In fact, many supposed experts were prognosticating that the financial world was coming to an end!

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What 'might' be driving this bear market, and what can you actually do about it

Last week was another wild week. Over the past six to 12 months we’ve basically been in a bear market for most major equities. Perhaps you noticed.

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Don’t make these financial mistakes in 2016

Market volatility has certainly returned. If Thursday’s close is any indication, most global markets are likely entering a bear market following market peaks in late-2015.

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Social Security changes are coming soon — you may need to plan now!

You may have already read that the government will end the file-and-suspend and restricted application claiming strategies for Social Security.

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