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Your Home is an Asset, but Not an Investment.

In the past two articles, I wrote about the basic starting point for the financial planning process and investments. I would be remiss not to affirm with you that a home is a valuable cornerstone to your financial life, but it is not an investment.

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Part II: Knowing the Alphabet for the Portfolio as well.

In the last blog, I wrote about the basic starting point for the financial planning process. This time, I write to articulate some key fundamental items that relate to investing. Again, like last week, we are starting with a foundation. An appreciation of these concepts is key to having a basic understanding of the behavior of investment markets.

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You Have to Know the Alphabet First

I remember a quote that read “One must first learn the alphabet before they know the greatest truths.” I don’t recall who said it, but today it seems more important than ever. We are bombarded in all areas of our lives with complex information that lacks reference to any foundation. We are forced to try to translate something without first being able to speak the language.

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