Exit Stage Right

with Martha Sullivan


Waiting on Washington to make estate tax changes? You might die first

Washington is buzzing right now about proposed federal tax legislation. One of the key elements of bill being considered proposes changes to the estate tax.

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What can the Great Pumpkin and Charlie Brown teach you about succession planning?

You may be thinking, what does It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and succession planning have to do with one another. If you are the next generation, a lot.

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Nothing like a high school reunion to put exit planning into perspective

A couple weekends ago I went to my Madison East High School class reunion.

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Role of estate taxes in succession planning

Estate taxes often come up when talking with business owners and other clients as they think about retirement and leaving the business.

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What happens when a family business’ succession plan isn’t set up for success?

I work with many different types of family businesses and family dynamics in this line of work. One specific client has been on my mind this week, wondering whether they’ve gotten traction on a key recommendation we provided.

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