Exit Stage Right

with Martha Sullivan


The crux of multiples continued — One company, many multiples

Multiples tell a lot about the state of the company. They represent the potential opportunities and threats a given investor believes they face in getting their desired return on investment.

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The crux of multiples in business valuation

Multiples are always a hot topic when you gather groups of business owners, investment bankers, and/or other advisors.

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Don't find yourself saying 'I wish I had known …'

Many business owners tell me “I wish I had known” after they have been through the wringer of selling their business.

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What exactly does an ‘exit planner’ do? Are you into funerals?

“Exit planning” is all about breathing new life into a business, its owner, or both. The exit planner is the advisor that educates, supports, and facilitates owners on and through that process.

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Are you walking toward your business’ destiny?

There are a lot of businesses coming on the market relatively soon. What a great opportunity to Gen X and millennial investors and business owners. However, that means even more competition for sellers.

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