Exit Stage Right

with Martha Sullivan


5 ways to combat project-driven PTSD

Unlike a runner, where the body recovers and she hungers for the adrenaline rush again, the toll of the marathon work project can be harsh.

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Is that unsolicited offer of a new job or to buy your company too good to be true?

We just came through that time of year that’s often filled with surprises and gifts of things you had no idea you needed.

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Startling retirement statistics: Are you one of them?

Most of us spend more time each year planning for the holidays or a week-long vacation than we do planning for the last third of our lives. The implications of this trend are truly startling and troubling.

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In business transactions, 'walking a mile' can take you much further

I don’t know about you, but one of the sayings I often heard growing up was “walk a mile in the other person’s shoes.” Putting that saying into practice is hard but the payback can be enormous.

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Ominous clouds or sunshine; what do your numbers tell?

Numbers can be a great black cloud for many entrepreneurs. Creativity, innovation, and vision of a better product, service, and world drives and inspires entrepreneurs each day, not numbers.

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Spending half her career as an advisor to privately-held and family businesses and the other half in CFO/COO roles, Martha Sullivan is a partner and the succession planning practice leader in the business transition strategies group at Honkamp, Krueger & Co., P.C. She and her team have extensive experience assisting business owners achieve their personal, business, and transition goals. “Don’t think of the 'exit' from your business like it’s a four-letter word. Make it your next adventure!”



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