Exit Stage Right

with Martha Sullivan


Technology and ‘safer at home’

While we are all focused on keeping our employees and customers safe, fulfilling customer demands, and managing cashflow like hawks, we can’t neglect other critical aspects of keeping our companies safe.

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The power of making a decision in uncertain times

We live in uncertain times. We always have, realistically. They just feel more uncertain right now. Nonetheless, life continues. You still must earn a living, take care of the family, house, and car, and walk the dog. All under these new clouds of stress and uncertainty.

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Uncertainty, risk, and the impact on business value

These days, it doesn’t feel like we have control, does it? We’re constantly bombarded by the uncertainty swirling around the globe. Between politics, COVID-19, and stock market news, there is a steady diet of uncertainty coming your way.

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Would you flip a coin to decide when it's time to sell your business?

What most business owners don’t realize is the fact that they have as likely a chance of controlling when and how they transition from business ownership as they do of winning a coin toss.

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4 fundamentals that competitive companies use to establish goodwill

In business geek terms, goodwill is the amount of money a buyer of a company pays for another company over its financial book value.

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Spending half her career as an advisor to privately-held and family businesses and the other half in CFO/COO roles, Martha Sullivan is a partner and the succession planning practice leader in the business transition strategies group at Honkamp, Krueger & Co., P.C. She and her team have extensive experience assisting business owners achieve their personal, business, and transition goals. “Don’t think of the 'exit' from your business like it’s a four-letter word. Make it your next adventure!”



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