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Madison’s Hovde thinks big and bold

The indentured servants at the Stately Manor are agog at the prospect of a dramatic, 10-story, LED art installation on the face of the former telephone company building at 316 W. Washington Ave. in downtown Madison.

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Hillary or Trump? Corrupt or crazy? Ifs, buts, candy, or nuts?

The Squire of the Stately Manor is in a most royal funk precipitated by the most dismal election since Nixon v. McGovern, and the betrayal of his erstwhile allies in another venture that may be chronicled at a later date. (You know who you are.)

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Shots fired in Madison, police the targets

So now they’re shooting at the police. Only this time it’s not the Madison Common Council and it’s literal, rather than figurative.

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Deplore Hillary, impeach Trump, imagine McMullin

My conservative and Republican friends are correct. (And you are my friends.) I am negligent in making the case that Hillary Clinton would be a disaster as president — not to mention (which I am about to do) a total buzz kill. Do we really want to put a more grating version of Rosanne Barr in the Oval Office?

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Unfriend me now! Do it in ALL CAPS!

We Republicans have gone to the bunkers. We’re waging trench warfare, fought out in social media and angry emails, thanks to the candidacy of one Donald Trump.

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