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Blue skies and a smaller Lake Mendota, circa 1830

An environmental group called CRANES would take Dane County back to the future — the future being the 1830s when a few French-Canadian trappers were the only Europeans in town. As part of its vision, the Capital Region Advocacy Network for Environmental Sustainability (CRANES) would lower Lake Mendota by five feet over the next 20 years to return the lake to its supposed pre-settlement state in the 1830s. That would reduce the large lake’s footprint by as much as two square miles.

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Demanding a safe zone from the Golden Rule and noodle salad

If there was any doubt, the Middleton High School foofaraw over the Jesus Lunch is chapter and verse that white Christians are the one group against which it remains politically acceptable to discriminate.

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Forget open borders; open bathrooms are the new battlefront

Rachel Dolezal, Caitlyn Jenner, and colander-wearing Pastafarians, move over! We are what we say we are and that is that. Respect me for what I say I am, not what you think I am.

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The Mad as Hell caucus primaries Paul Ryan

The relentless march of Obama-style statism continues apace. Just last night at the CNN presidential debate, Hillary and Feel the Bernie were trying to outbid each other on the minimum wage. Do I hear $12.50? Twelve-fifty! Now 15? — Fifteen!

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No mojo for Scott Walker? No soup for John Nichols

Hitchhiking through Europe in the summer of 1971, I met a scion of the Pozzo di Borgo family in Corsica. The tall young man took me in his Alfa Romeo to the heights above Ajaccio to view what was left of the Tuileries, destroyed in the Paris Commune of 1871. Once the palace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the remaining stones were transported to the island of his birth and reconstructed there by his ancestors.

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