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Release the hounds … I mean, delegates

To all of my conservative friends (for you ARE my friends) who accuse me of putting Angela Davis on the Supreme Court if I don’t back Trump, I have this witty riposte: nyaah, nyaah!

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Usual suspects accuse Chief Koval of eye rolling, tyranny, and ‘white privilege’

Warning to Madison police officers and all City of Madison officials. Do not roll your eyes, no matter how much stupid is inflicted upon you. No slapping the desk in frustration. Do not “push back” against anyone you consider “difficult.”

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The liberal’s worst fear: being called racist

The tragedy in Orlando has some PC connection with the debate in Madison over race and policing in a civil society. It is why, to this day, President Obama cannot bring himself to utter the words “radical Islamic terrorism.” (Hillary: “There, I said it.”)

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Mayor Soglin: Veto the $400,000 police colonoscopy

Public reaction continues to pillory the 19 Madison aldermen who talk only to themselves and the special pleaders, demagogues, and race baiters. Here, a representative sample, condensed (in most examples).

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Memo to the State Journal: Koval finally got your attention

The telegraph operator here at the Stately Manor reached out to a Madison police officer of our acquaintance. On conditions of strictest confidence, we asked what are the rank and file and leadership saying about Chief Mike Koval?

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