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Sep 7, 201602:56 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Quit stifling Colin Kaepernick!

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Absent facts, or even a cogent argument, the anonymous Progressive Dane cadres infiltrating the peanut gallery here at the Bring It! blog like to use disinformation and hope no one calls them on it.

Prime example is the 3:06 p.m. ankle biter at Tuesday’s blog who pretends that Blaska “misreported” Friday’s radio debate on Joy Cardin’s Week in Review.

Pardon my unexplained coughing fit. Now, where was I?

Oh, yeah. I debated Marquette law professor Ed Fallone, a self-described progressive, on Wisconsin Public Radio on Sept. 2. Fallone is a big fan of President Obama, judging from his Facebook page. He ran and lost to Patience Roggensack for Wisconsin Supreme Court three years ago.

On Joy Cardin’s show, the prof argued that everyone should just shut up about Colin Kaepernick sitting during the National Anthem, “lest” — in my summation in Tuesday’s blog — “the ignorant groundlings chill the overpaid athlete’s free speech.”

Whereupon an anonymous agent provocateur deposited this coprolite at 3:06 p.m.: “You implore people to listen to your radio appearances, and so we do. And then we discover that yep, sure enough, you misreport what happened.”

Tellingly, the anonymous disinformation specialist never bothers to correct the record if he thought the record needed correcting. What agent provocateur 3:06 p.m. forgets is that I was there and I have the podcast (hyperlinked here, as it was in the body of Tuesday’s blog).

This is what Fallone said about Kaepernick on WPR at the 2:46 mark. Roll the tape, Lester:

This is an expression of his political opinion … he certainly has every right to express it … He believes 150 years after the 14th amendment was ratified equal rights for African Americans still don’t exist in this country, we have disparate incarceration rates, oppressive policing policies in African American communities that wouldn’t be tolerated in white communities, pervasive segregation. The reaction by many has been to try to shout him down, to try to stifle his expression of political opinion by throwing labels at him, like “unpatriotic” and basically shouting and demonizing him.

Your Humble Bloggeur, defender of freedom, observed that the San Francisco 49ers quarterback has not been hauled before a magistrate, has not been fined, nor charged, nor particularly stifled, in the Archie Bunker sense. Nor has this overpaid substitute been disinvited from speaking at a university function, as have Condi Rice and a growing list of conservative statesmen. Demonized? (“The power of Christ compels you!”)

If you know your Constitution, Professor Fallone, you know that the First Amendment places strictures on government, not on citizens. (“Congress shall make no law …”)

Archie hears stupid.

The Squire of the Stately Manor reminded Professor Fallone that the folks who pay their $60 to watch a game expect to boo or cheer to their hearts’ content. They have the same First Amendment rights as Kaepernick, Blaska, and Fallone. If a football stadium crammed with television cameras, microphones, print scribblers, and 50,000 witnesses is in not in the public arena, then nothing is.

The proprietor of this roadside attraction noted that professional football is an entertainment, nothing more. A discretionary expenditure dependent on the goodwill of its customers, who could just as soon take up ladies’ mud wrestling. In other words, Mr. Kaepernick has a constitutional right to trample Old Glory but not to play professional football, as it is not yet a public accommodation and his hiring or firing would not be the result of any protected class.

Fallone decried the practice of “throwing labels at [Kaepernick].” (The Hildabeast might respond, “Labels? Like Heinz ketchup labels?”) Even a label so astringent as “unpatriotic” sounds to this broken-down journalist an awful lot like free speech. In any case, better than rotten tomatoes.

Let’s be thankful that the Founders were made of sterner stuff. “Throwing labels!” Sheesh.

How does one shout down a QB?

For that matter, how, exactly, does one shout down a football player at an NFL stadium? If it were possible to do so, Jay Quitler would never set foot in Lambeau Field. How many more conservative speakers have been shouted down on our college campuses — if they are invited in the first place?

It is, of course, instructive that Ed Fallone — liberal to the core — has a teaching position at a respected university. And hardly surprising. Try to find a conservative in the sociology department some time.

It’s almost become a badge of honor. A partial roll call of conservatives “dis-invited” to institutions of supposedly higher education:

  • Virginia Tech — Jason Riley, conservative black columnist for the Wall Street Journal
  • Scripps College — George Will
  • Brandeis University — Ayaan Hirsi Ali, opponent of Muslim genital mutilation
  • American University — Michelle Malkin
  • Rutgers University — Condoleezza Rice
  • Coastal Carolina U. — Sen. Tim Scott, R–SC
  • Georgetown University — Greta Van Susteren

Writing for the National Review last May, Peter Wood and Rachelle Peterson of the National Association of Scholars observe:

For the past six months, cry-bully activists on campuses from Mizzou to Princeton to Dartmouth have bowled over craven administrators who have deferred to their demands and declined to exercise jurisdiction. The Riley dis-invitation shows just how low campus authorities are willing to bow to the fancies of their students. Higher education can offer intellectual freedom little more than lip service when it authorizes the heckler’s veto.


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Sep 7, 2016 03:08 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Coprolite is a pretty big word for Dave, and even more surprising is that Dave would have to acknowledge that the world is more than 5000 years old. Or maybe he just chose this word as his insult of the week rather than understand the meaning.. Science can be tricky for non-believers and flat-earthers like DB...

Sep 7, 2016 03:18 pm
 Posted by  David Blaska

See what I mean, folks?

Sep 7, 2016 04:12 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I wonder what the difference is between those who would boo a quarterback for protesting his government by kneeling in a football stadium and those who would boo the former governor of Alaska for protesting her government by delivering a shrill list of complaints on the capitol square in liberal Madison.

Answer: Blaska loathes one group, parties with the other.

He makes some good points regarding freedom of speech. But he's intellectually inconsistent and not a little lazy. Blaska and his fellow conservatives are put upon, living so near one of the great public universities in the world. They couldn't get in, so now they're dismantling the joint.

Sep 7, 2016 04:46 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

See what, Blaska. Someone disagreeing with you. Oh no ! world will come to an end.

Sep 7, 2016 08:25 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Yup, dave is a real practitioner of "intellectual diversity". The really sad part is that he thinks he really is.....

Sep 7, 2016 09:26 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I think Blaska is less about coprolites and more about coprophagia

Sep 8, 2016 06:08 am
 Posted by  madisonexpat


You know you've made undeniable points when the Anonymice can only respond with ad hominem silliness.

Sep 8, 2016 08:59 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

"When they came for the wealthy white men, the only one who stood up was Blaska."

Sep 8, 2016 09:11 am
 Posted by  madisonexpat


Sep 8, 2016 10:20 am
 Posted by  Anonymous


Yes. Unfortunately you and Dave can't.

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