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September 2016


Trump is victim in crazy conspiracies

The great thing about a conspiracy theory is that everything confirms your conspiracy theory and when it doesn’t you paint that as part of the cover-up.

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Madison has food; we want safety

Madison city government is frustrating. Mayor Paul Soglin really gets it about preserving public spaces. He is absolutely correct about vagrants commandeering sidewalks to sleep off their hangovers. The Common Council, on the other hand, defeated his proposed ordinance banning the practice between the hours of 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. (notice: no ban overnight!) on an 11–7 vote.

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Hillary scores but doesn’t put Trump away

The Squire is snorting through his thoughts — sorry, I meant “sorting” — on Monday nights' rumble in the jungle at Hofstra University, which posted a trigger warning — an actual sign with the heading “Trigger Warning” at the entrance to the debate hall. The sign warned that the subject of sexual assault might be mentioned. But Trump never mentioned Juanita Broaddrick by name. Or Paula Jones. Or Gennifer Flowers. Or …

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One Democrat(ic) mayor speaks up for the police and against Marxism, but not Soglin

“Leftism’s guiding principle is the Marxist concept that people are divided into classes of oppressors and oppressed,” St. Louis University professor Warren Treadgold instructs in the September 19 Weekly Standard magazine

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Republicans take a fork in the (disintegrating?) roads

Nothing is as cohesive or disciplined as a legislature with a one-vote majority. But give any party some cushion and watch its members go free range. That is what is happening to Scott Walker and his Republican legislature.

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Blaska goes nose to nose on latest controversy

The Squire of the Stately Manor is taking incoming fire from the peanut gallery for not addressing today’s newspaper headlines. Guess there is no escaping this big story, as distasteful as it is. It’s always difficult to confront bad news when it involves one of your heroes, no matter the who or the what.

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Don’t let the war on police succeed in Madison

Do Brenda Konkel, Progressive Dane, and Black Lives Matter have allies in city government in their war on police? We’re about to find out because it’s budget season.

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Quit stifling Colin Kaepernick!

Absent facts, or even a cogent argument, the anonymous Progressive Dane cadres infiltrating the peanut gallery here at the Bring It! blog like to use disinformation and hope no one calls them on it.

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A fond farewell to Wisconsin’s summer 2016

What a beautiful Labor Day weekend! Great weather — sunny but not too humid — and lots going on. The official end of summer caused your Faithful Bloggeur to look back on the six weeks since the national convention in Cleveland. Here’s a little taste of how The Squire, proprietor of this roadside attraction, spends his time when not railing against Progressive Dane and yelling at the kids to get off his lawn.

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News flash: Democrat(ic) hitman One Scot Ross doesn’t like Ron Johnson

Want to know why conservatives have given up on the mainstream press? Why some of them have gone off the deep end into the Alt-Right universe of Breitbart and Prntly?

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