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Sep 4, 201510:26 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

‘We need to start killing these officers’

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Scott Walker should continue his frank discussion of race relations and the primacy of personal responsibility in an opportunity society. And Mayor Paul Soglin should begin.

No Madison police officer has worked harder to earn the trust of the community that he patrols than Caleb Johnson, who is white. For which he gets punched in the face while members of a mob shout kill the police. Johnson was responding to one of the periodic neighborhood riots that break out on Madison’s southwest side. Wednesday’s was one of the smaller ones, with maybe 25 neighbors — men and women — duking it out. One melee last year required three ambulances. Mr. Rogers Neighborhood this is not.

Two participants were arrested, thereby adding to the 10 to 1 ratio of black arrests to white that so roil the liberal digestive tract.

And Young, Gifted and Foolish wants police out of “their” neighborhoods.

Credit: Law Enforcement Officers of Ohio

Maybe, as in Baltimore, police in Madison will withdraw. If so, start the body count. This is the fruit of YGF leader Brandi Grayson, its amen corner at The Capital Times (which treats her every pronouncement as gospel), and the cowardice of the city’s elected officials. Their gospel, the Book of Liberalism, tells them perpetrators are actually victims if they have the right complexion.

Sure enough, Ms. Grayson is a victim, she tells The Capital Times. She got a ticket for leading a funeral procession (for the late police attacker Tony Robinson). Except that it wasn’t a funeral procession. The guest of honor was not present. It was a demonstration without a permit, yet another exercise in self-regard that tied up traffic. She had been warned.

Police Chief Mike Koval is correct to say that he “cannot sit idly by and permit inflammatory rhetoric to go unchecked as though it was ‘fact.’” Too bad our city leaders don’t do the same.

Scott Walker gets it and it will revive his sagging presidential campaign. There has been a rash of police killings, including the ambush of a deputy in Houston who was fueling his squad car. Walker wrote:

In the last six years under President Obama, we've seen a rise in anti-police rhetoric. Instead of hope and change, we've seen racial tensions worsen and a tendency to use law enforcement as a scapegoat. This kind of attitude has created a culture in which we all too often see demonstrations and chants where people describe police as “pigs” and call for them to be “fried like bacon.” This inflammatory and disgusting rhetoric has real consequences for the safety of officers who put their lives on the line for us and hampers their ability to serve the communities that need their help.

Your turn, Mayor Soglin. Climb the bully pulpit. Back your police.


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Sep 4, 2015 01:39 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Scott Walker may "get it," but his numbers continue to plummet. The truth is that conservatism is dying on the vine, even among Republicans, who seek out Donald Trump (perhaps the opposite of a conservative) and Ben Carson (a doctor, and therefore quite unlikely to avoid towing the anti-science, anti-intellectual conservative line).

And when it comes to Wall Street in any way reflecting the economy, listen to eventual Republican nominee Donald Trump on Wall Street: "These are guys who shift paper around and get lucky."

Ooooo! 4.3%? What a great state we are now! How did you ever get a gig at a business mag?

Sep 4, 2015 05:20 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous


Revive Walkers flagging campaign with another hackneyed op-ed? Yawn.

Scott Walker should do what he has done in the past when confronted with black mob violence: deploy the state patrol. (See e.g. here: Except this time, deploy it to Raymond Road and Allied Drive. He's not going to win, but he might get a bump in the polls by standing against black mob violence. He might get another bump by pointing out that he saved the state from having to defend against an NRA lawsuit by passing concealed carry, giving citizens the ability to protect themselves from this dysfunction.

"Your turn, Mayor Soglin." Give me a break. Soggy is irrelevant. He cannot even build a consensus to eliminate public urination and fornication in front of the city county building. We should be referring to him as Mayor Emeritus. His role is pretty much ceremonial at this point. Nobody cares what he has to say.

You should be calling on your friends in organized blackness, specifically Kaleem-"accounting irregularities"-Caire and Pastor "Justified Anger." Let them explain why there are mobs of black people battling each other in the streets. Ask them how many police Madison would need in the absence of its black population, or whether citizens would need to barricade themselves in their homes, at the urging of the police department, were it not for the black population. (See here:

Don't you all go to the same pointless meetings? Ask them: "What gives?"

- "Citizen Dave's Remington 700"

Sep 4, 2015 08:41 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

By the way, that was Officer Caleb Johnson helping the kids out on Theresa Terrace last week for the block party for the start of school. Second by the way, the latest mob encounter occurred not at all far from the city's new $900,000-plus Theresa Terrace neighborhood house.

Tell me again, is this the return-on-investment we the taxpayers are getting from the glittering new bricks and mortar?

Sep 6, 2015 10:51 am
 Posted by  Dave, not B

Brandi Grayson IS a victim. A victim of a liberal education, a victim of living in a liberal city, a victim of listening to liberal whiners, a victim of a liberal news media. Anyone see the common thread? Liberalism, being the mental disorder it is, breeds victims. Even AnyBob is a victim.

Sep 6, 2015 12:08 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Scott Walker does not get it. National data does not support police dealths are up. Scott Walker has no moral high ground to be lecturing anybody. Pandering to wing nuts who eat the crap that Walker feeds them.

Sep 7, 2015 11:05 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

No comments published on Labor Day? I wonder why the anti-labor Blaska took today off.

Sep 9, 2015 08:30 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

"Police Chief Mike Koval is correct to say that he “cannot sit idly by and permit inflammatory rhetoric to go unchecked as though it was ‘fact.’”

In that case, Blaska should expect a loud knock on his door at any moment

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