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Sep 17, 201501:43 PMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Plop plop, fizz fizz: Oh, what a debate it is!

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A wealth of candidates

Who won the Republican presidential debate? America was the winner.

How lucky we conservatives are with such an outstanding field of candidates! Counting only the 15 who debated last night we have (past and present, with some fitting more than one category) seven governors, five senators, two physicians, two business people, two Hispanics, one black, one woman, one Indian-American, one congressman, a former federal prosecutor. (Christie’s best line: put a prosecutor on the debate stage with Hillary.) The candidates represent a wide range of incomes, from billionaire Trump to Kohl’s shopping Scott Walker. From Libertarian Rand Paul to Gerald Ford-style Republican John Kasich. (He’s going to see if the Iran nuclear deal works?) Non-interventionist Paul to super-hawks Cruz and Rubio. The religious right (Huckabee and Santorum) to … Thankfully, all appear to be pro-life.

And no, I haven’t given up on Scott Walker. He still has legs. A legitimate claim to tap into the Donald Trump/Ben Carson zeitgeist: No more politics as usual. Voters admire courage. Walker never flinched during the union intifada. Scott, go to Ferguson!

Regardless, we can’t say we don’t have a choice. Remember all the sky-is-falling lamentations that the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision meant the end of democracy as we know it? Just this January, President Obama indicted the ruling for causing “real harm to our democracy.” (Joined by the usual suspects: “Democracy Now!”, Bill Moyers’ website, and, predictably but ironically (when you think about it) Bernie Sanders.)

To which the indentured servants here at the Manor say, “Three Cheers for Citizens United.” That’s the headline over at Politico, which notes that far from wrecking democracy as we know it, the nation is blessed with 17 candidates (now 15) on the Republican side and six on the Democratic, if one counts Uncle Joe.  

… expectations that big money would float the best-financed candidate directly to the White House have yet to materialize this campaign season. … Jeb Bush has collected $120 million in donations to lead all Republicans in the money sweepstakes, yet he trails Donald Trump badly in the polls. Trump has raised a mere $1.9 million — and $1.8 million of that is a Trump loan! Ben Carson is beating both Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio in the polls despite raising a fourth of their loot.

On the Democratic Party side, poll leader Hillary Clinton leads the money race with $67.8 million, but her poll numbers are dropping at about the same rate that Bernie Sanders’ are rising, and the Sanders campaign has raked in only $15.2 million.

What has your Squire been saying? The voters can sort it out without Progressive experts like the GAB’s Shane “The Sheeple” Falk to determine who may say what and when they may say it, who has too much speech and who not enough. 

Platinum Subscriber outtakes

  • Republicans are the party of women’s suffrage, says a new ad on behalf of my Carly. “Fiorina gets her history right,” concludes the Washington Post fact check. “The Republican Party was generally more supportive of suffrage … The [19th] amendment only passed once Republicans took control of both houses of Congress.”
  • This has been a Blaska Bring-It! agenda item: put education in the governor’s cabinet. Good for State Rep. Joe Sanfelippo, who is rapidly becoming a difference maker. Education is too important to be orphaned at a nearly anonymous educrat’s shop. Especially one held hostage to the teachers union. As a principle of good government, diffusing accountability frustrates democracy.
  • Make plans to attend this year’s Farm d’Art Tour, a 50-mile, self-guided, back-roads tour of outdoor art installations and roadside “culture stands” through the hills and valleys of Sauk County. It’s part of Fermentation Fest, Oct. 2–11. I wrote about last year’s here.

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Sep 17, 2015 03:11 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous


Get out of your Republican bubble. The only two people I would consider supporting are Carly and Kasich! All the rest are fools! Both have decent chance against HilLIARary Clinton

Walker - Wow, for real? This guy just repeats the same one-liners. He has absolutely no ability to think critically and has to revert back to irrelevant stuff and pitching himself "If you vote for me" liners. Plus his record in WI is pathetic.

What an embarrassment he is to the Republicans, State of WI, himself. The rest of the country has started to realize and I am taking about many republicans. They want s winner, not a droid.

Sorry mate - your credibility is all gone as a Walker backer. Maybe you should go back to talking bout really important things like how much you dislike liberals!

Wisconsin is a joke of a state now more than ever. Glad I moved out last year like so many of the other young people. Well at least you have the Badger and Packers! oh wait, no they are chokers too. Well I guess you have some freaking great beers.

This is what you have become...a joke,, just like Walker!

Peace for now.

Sep 17, 2015 04:17 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

I will once again add that there is no evidence or video of fully formed fetuses and beating hearts as implied by Carly Fiorina. That story is nonsense! Planned Parenthood does not, has not sold body parts for profit. You will fit the story into your own belief system and convince the uninformed because telling the truth won't advance the GOP platform nor sell you little diatribes.

Sep 17, 2015 04:39 pm
 Posted by  mark

I see no evidence you've presented that makes a case that more money in politics is somehow beneficial. Simply having a field of 17 candidates, all raising tens of millions of dollars does not, in my opinion, reassure me that all that money is a charitable donation. Being a good capitalist yourself, I think the whole equation of "more money equals more influence" should resonate.

And why, please help me understand, would this be a positive thing for the electoral process and voters? Or is your stance that having our political process awash in money is an intended consequence of our founding fathers?

Sep 17, 2015 05:24 pm
 Posted by  AnonyBob

Dave, that debate was a huge pile of manure. You're like the excited little kid on Christmas morning happily digging into it, because, "With this much manure, there's GOTTA be a pony in here somewhere!" Your guys, and gal, can't face the electorate without lying about Planned Parenthood, the economy, 'Murica's military strength, Benghazi, etc. Walker: legs? How about: going down in flames. Free tip for the Guv - nobody cares about federal public employee unions. "Yeah! My mailman and his union thugs are rippin' us taxpayers off!" Go ahead, take 'em on. If you gotta keep saying you're probably ain't. Your primary voters don't seem very interested in insincere, word salad-spewing career politicians this time around.
What. An. Embarrassment.

Sep 18, 2015 06:51 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Anon @ 4:17
There was no "implication" , it was an explicit reference to what is contained in the video., specifically, the seventh video at the 5:57 mark.
Let's review what's illegal amd what is worthy of investigation as taken directly from these videos:
1. Haggling over prices for fetal remains
2. PP officials discussing how they alter abortion procedures to procure specimens
3. PP murdering born-alive infants

Sep 18, 2015 08:58 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

Anon @ 6:51 a.m.:
So happy to see you're getting your talking points virtually cut and pasted from the National Review, as unbiased as source as there is if I ever saw one:

You certainly are correct that the twice-failed business executive made an explicit reference to said video. However, as has been widely reported (sorry, by the mainstream media, those unholy purveyors of lies), there's nothing in that video that backs Fiorina's claim. The video — which, hey, I've actually watched — shows stock footage of a fetus outside the womb. There's nothing to indicate that fetus was actually aborted. Funny thing, fetuses can be born prematurely and move at some basic lizard-brain level. They can also be still born. They don't all have to be aborted to obtain footage like that. There's also absolutely nothing about the video which indicates it was shot at a Planned Parenthood facility. And the technician being interviewed never says one word about being instructed to keep the fetus alive to harvest its brain.

It appears Fiorina either has questionable comprehension skills or is a flat-out liar. I'd argue both are true. Since the Republicans like to make the same statements about Hillary, maybe it's time to find a new rising star on the campaign trail.

Sep 18, 2015 03:47 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

For once I agree with AnnoyingBob. The Dems' debate was much better and much more enlightening to the true nature of each candidate.....wait.....what?

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