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Sep 15, 201411:00 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Scott Walker announces second-term agenda (!!!)

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Some of my co-conspirators in the Great Conservative Conspiracy have been demanding that Scott Walker announce a bold agenda for his second term. Sunday, he did just that with what he calls “Continuing Wisconsin’s Comeback.” Is it bold enough?

The white lab coats at the Blaska Policy Research Werkes jump-started Old Sparky, the Eisenhower-era mainframe computer, to assign Blaska-Bold-ometer points on an exclamation-point scale of ! to !!!!! (listed in parentheses) to each of Walker’s 11 pledges:

  1. Cut property taxes so the levy on a typical home in 2018 is lower than it was in 2010. (!!!)
  2. Reduce income taxes so they are lower in 2018 than they are today. (!!)
  3. Provide tax relief for manufacturing and agriculture. (!)
  4. Fight Obamacare, which is raising health insurance premiums for many in Wisconsin. (!)
  5. Expand worker-training investments. (!)
  6. Freeze technical college tuition and continue the UW System tuition freeze. (!!)
  7. Establish accountability measures for all schools receiving public funding. (!!!)
  8. Establish high standards for students at the local and state level as an alternative to measures set by people outside of Wisconsin. (!!)
  9. Put common-sense limits on the time able-bodied, working-age childless adults can be on public assistance. (!!!!!)
  10. Require drug testing for those requesting unemployment and able-bodied, working-age adults requesting food stamps from the state. (!!!!!)
  11. Require working-age childless adults receiving food stamps or unemployment benefits to participate in employment training or part-time work. (!!!!!)

No. 8 is Walker walking (heh!) the tight rope on Common Core. The last three will make our … acquaintances howl. Now, seriously, can anyone remember even one plank of Mary Burke’s platform?

Notice, of course, no job numbers pledge from the incumbent. No private-sector right to work. No abolition of the income tax. No pledge to outlaw secret John Doe proceedings, which are unknown in almost every other state. No pledge to expand school choice vouchers throughout the state. All would rate (!!!!!).

For that matter, no hostile takeover of the Upper Peninsula, for which Blaska’s Bring It! (one exclamation point) has been lobbying.

The Policy Werkes’ overall rating: (!!!)


Who is ‘demoralized, frightened, and intimidated’?

Our public school teachers need labor unions, says the editor emeritus of the non-union Capital Times, to prevent “teachers [from being] demoralized, frightened and intimidated because their futures hinge on the whims of principals and superintendents and school board members who can now freely wield their prejudices without fear of contract restrictions.”

“Whims”? Madison Schools Superintendent Jennifer Cheatham operates on whims? The seven members of the school board elected by the voters of Madison — their decisions are “whims”?

Mary Burke campaigns for governor on Saturday at Fighting Bob Fest in Baraboo with the approval of Madison Teachers Inc. boss John Matthews (background). The event was sponsored by two corporations: The Progressive Inc. and The Capital Times Inc. Photo by MacIver Institute — used with permission.

Teachers need to be protected from being “demoralized, frightened and intimidated” by (pause, wait for it …) the whimsical Mary Burke? Speaking of whom, check out this photograph at from this weekend’s Fighting Bob Fest of Our Ms. Burke attempting to rouse the rabble. And who is that shadow behind her? You bet, it’s the old ventriloquist and string-puller himself, teachers union boss John Matthews. (For extra credit: How is Mary Burke not a “robber baron”?)

One could ask if news reporters, photographers, and production workers at The Corporation that Speaks as if it were a Person similarly might be demoralized, frightened, and intimidated because their futures hinge on the whims of editors and publishers and corporate board members “who can now freely wield their prejudices without fear of contract restrictions.”

Not to mention employees of Trek Bicycle. Which, as you might expect, did go unmentioned.

One might argue that the Madison School District has been demoralized, frightened, and intimidated by Boss Matthews. Well, one might.

Judge Adelman, it’s called the ‘Supreme’ Court for a reason

The always churlish Progressive magazine’s latest target is federal appellate judge Diane Sykes. She is “Scott Walker’s favorite judge.” In Progressive-speak, them’s harsh words.

Judge Sykes had the temerity to uphold Voter ID on Friday. That is the supposedly draconian requirement that you show proof that you really are who you say you are. Like when you buy a prescription drug. What an assault on democracy!

Our … acquaintances hold that racial minorities are too befuddled to acquire identification. Or it’s too much of an inconvenience. Takes a little effort, apparently. No, our … acquaintances are apparently too busy to reach out and help folks who might need help.


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Sep 15, 2014 12:15 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Interesting picture of Mary Burke waiving a clenched fist. As I recall, the Cap Times published a similar (identical actually, minus puppeteer John Matthews) picture of Ms. Burke waiving a clenched fist at the recent State Democratic Party Convention. Of course doesn't the kinder, more loving democrats realize the veiled threats of intimidation and violence represented by the clenched fist? Of course they do.

Sep 15, 2014 12:58 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

It would seem that Mary Burke has some anger management issues. Perhaps a year off to snowboard in the South American Andes would help her to release this anger, or at least channel it to the mountain.

Just sayin'.

Sep 15, 2014 01:22 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Dear Mr. Blaska:

I would like you, as a true-blue Walker supporter, to explain and describe the effects Plank #1 will have on school districts and local units of government. Keep in mind the existing cuts that have been made to school aids and aids to local government. And the limits that have been placed by the present administration on those bodies to raise additional operating revenue. And also keep in mind there is a lot more to Wisconsin than Madison and Dane County.

Thank you.

Sep 15, 2014 02:57 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

When you see millionaire Queen Mary of Trek clad in denim or Hillary the Butcher of Benghazi pretending to barbeque in Iowa, those are the very cringe worthy moments that make politics so unappealing to thinking adults.

If Queen Mary wants to appeal to the shrinking unionista movement (she has them anyway) she should really paint her hand Smurf blue before raising her little Progressive fist of fury in the air.

Sep 15, 2014 03:38 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

boy, that is some agenda for four years.

hope walker doesn't tax his brain.

I see most of the posters here, already have taxed theirs.

Sep 15, 2014 04:19 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Thank you, Governor Walker. For stopping the Milwaukee to Madison cow speed rail boondoggle in its tracks. For having the courage to stand up to the union goons controlling the education system. For doing your best to bring jobs to Wisconsin during Obama's Great Depression, while your Democrat opponent shipped jobs overseas. For being a lightning rod that took far too many hits from crazed liberal moonbats suffering from Walker derangement syndrome, who froth at the mouth from the mere mention of your name. Thanks for having the courage to implement Act 10 and save taxpayers $3 billion dollars. I can't wait to see what you and the Republican Assembly and Senate will do to make life better for people that actually want to work for a living.

Sep 15, 2014 06:10 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

anon 4:19:

I just spent a couple weeks riding the rails all over Germany. You really should try that experience, then re-think your comments about rail in WI. And by the way, the train that Walker derailed was part of a larger system going up to the Twin Cities. We sure missed out on being part of that regional infrastructure...

Sep 15, 2014 10:11 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Never had to show an ID to get a prescription filled.

Sep 15, 2014 11:01 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Anony 4:19 - Wow, alternative reality Republicanism at it's best! Hellooooo, Earth to 4:14...or did I get snookered by satire? That must be it. No one could seriously make such ludicrous claims with a straight face! Ha-ha, you got me! Well played, sir.
2:57, you are one classy name-calling dude! Clever. All you guys viewing the photo and seeing the clenched "waiving" fist to be Burke's is about the best illustration of "seeing what you want to see" one could ask for. You guys are a RIOT!
(Sorry Dave, with your fans this material writes itself. You guys are sure in a tizzy about Burke. That speaks volumes. I'm starting to think she'll guys obviously think so.)

Sep 15, 2014 11:20 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Hey, Dave! Now that I actually took the time to skim your column, instead of just making fun of your commenting fans, I have to ask: Would you be willing to apply points 9, 10 & 11 to the Walker-campaign-donating beneficiaries of WEDC's largesse? Now you'd be talking. (!!!!!) Hey, takers are takers.
(P.S., you might be on to something with that Upper Peninsula thing.)

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