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September 2014


Intrepid Koch-head offends Madison’s left on Willy Street

It was an encounter of the Third or Fourth Kind. An irascible conservative, self-confessed gun nut, and Walker supporter (all in the same corpus) appeared at a liberal-progressive-socialist gabfest on Madison’s Willy Street Friday night like a job recruiter at an Occupy demonstration.

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Madison genuflects at Tomb of the Unidentified Voter

Rumor (which I am starting here) is that the Emerald City will erect a new monument to replace Nail’s Tails outside Camp Randall: the Tomb of the Unidentified Voter. Yes, Voter ID still has our (you know what) acquaintances in a paranoid snit.

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Our Ms. Burke buys her jobs plan off the resale rack

This is a game changer. Mary Burke plagiarized her jobs plan because she has none of her own. Even Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel can’t ignore the story, “Burke jobs plan copied portions of proposals from other Democrats.”

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Act 10 is three years old and students are smarter than ever!

Act 10, Gov. Walker’s collective bargaining reform, is destroying Wisconsin schools! Or not. Our (You Know Who) acquaintances are so sure of it, they need no facts to buttress their faith-based beliefs.

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Scott Walker announces second-term agenda (!!!)

Some of my co-conspirators in the Great Conservative Conspiracy have been demanding that Scott Walker announce a bold agenda for his second term. Sunday, he did just that with what he calls “Continuing Wisconsin’s Comeback.” Is it bold enough?

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Does your Madison public school teacher get ‘down and dirty’?

In the past several days, I have found an enormous wellspring of pent-up resentment toward the teachers union here in Madison. That disdain can’t help but contaminate the entire school district. There is the perception — accurate, in my opinion — that the teachers union comes first to a school board largely elected by the teachers union. Everyone else — students, parents, and taxpayers — wait in back of the line.

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Madison Teachers Inc. has been a bad corporate citizen for too long

Teachers are some of our most dedicated public servants. Many inspiring educators have changed lives for the better in Madison’s public schools. But their union is a horror.

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Here’s your headline: ‘Act 10 is working, dammit!’

Where are the headlines? Scott Walker says his 2011 Act 10 reforms already have saved Wisconsin taxpayers $3 billion. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s PolitiFact looked into the claim and on Aug. 20 rated it “mostly true.”

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Disagree with this blog? Wave signs and chant mindless slogans!

Why must our liberal-progressive-socialist acquaintances play drama queen at every difference of opinion instead of engaging in debate like intelligent people? The folks who protest at the Special Olympics picketed a recent Walker campaign fundraising appearance at the Nakoma Golf Club in Madison. (Big news at The Progressive magazine.) Look! A BMW!

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