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September 2013


Has the climate changed enough to build more jail space?

In case of government shutdown, Blaska’s Bring It! blog will switch to emergency power; however, the blog will eschew polysyllabic verbiage, tours of the Stately Manor will be reduced to one-half hour on alternate Tuesdays (bring your own T.P.), and the indentured servants will be put on short rations.

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Madison liberals, Republicans are trying to help you by helping landlords

There are signs, albeit evanescent, that Madison’s leaders are pushing back against the progressive crusade to create more rights without responsibilities. Downtown businesses are mobilizing against the hostile atmosphere created by the vagrants inhabiting the misnamed “Philosophers’ Corner” at the intersection of State and Mifflin streets on the Capitol Square.

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I teed off on Tommy Thompson

The great Peggy Noonan wrote that the current occupant of the White House endeavors to ascertain what the American people are thinking. A great leader doesn’t need to do that, she explained, because that great leader IS the American people. That described Ronald Reagan, for whom the lady once worked, and that describes Tommy Thompson, for whom your humble squire once labored.

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Local government watchdog is barking up the right trees

Local government outside the larger cities flies under the radar. The Tea Party group “We the People of the Republic” proposes to fix that with a website called My friend Ross Brown describes the website as “a one-stop-shop that allows Dane County residents to quickly learn about happenings in communities throughout Dane County.”

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We rode out of Madison for a fresh perspective and a kiss of the hops

Took a motorcycle ride with Miss Vicki McKenna on a sky-blue Saturday into the verdant eastern Dane County countryside. She road astride her newly acquired, bright-red V-Twin Yammie; me on my small Hog. We stopped to witness Cousin Johan and Deb’s second annual hop harvest while sipping a most excellent microbrew. In return for which I pledged to put in an honest morning’s work cutting down the vines, which are trained to climb a field of telephone poles and wires. (I wrote about the revival of Wisconsin hops culture here.)

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Spare us the sad union songs

My fellow gun nuts, flat-earthers, and Walker worshippers were about to begin our alternative singalong in the rotunda of the State Capitol, official permit in hand, when a radio personality and shill for organized labor began shouting. I made a high-pointing gesture, the pre-arranged signal, for the police to haul him away.

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Singing on a Labor Day of love

ongratulations to Brent Renteria-Packham for organizing the daylong Liberty Singers event at the Capitol rotunda on Labor Day. The young man, a Marine Corps veteran, was totally unknown to me. A special feature of Monday’s singalong, required Capitol permit in hand, was the singing of the anthems for the four military services. Once again, the forces of righteousness brought peace to the State Capitol. No arrests, for which the beleaguered Capitol Police are thankful. “You had an impact,” one of them confided.

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