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Oct 13, 201608:34 AMBlaska's Bring It!

with David Blaska

Unfriend me now! Do it in ALL CAPS!

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We Republicans have gone to the bunkers. We’re waging trench warfare, fought out in social media and angry emails, thanks to the candidacy of one Donald Trump. A highly placed Dane County party activist — wife of a party official — directed this at your battle-worn Squire, via Facebook:

I don’t care what you might think of me, but I lost respect for you, for I thought you were all for a good cause. The kind of mud slinging you are doing is only destroying the party. I could tell you this privately, but I just had enough of all your crap.

Thanks for reading. I still love you like a sister. Good thing Donald Trump isn’t slinging mud.

Others are suggesting that Blaska is a RINO, despite keeping his party dues current, serving as an alternative delegate, dropping literature, and contributing his ill-gotten gains to Republican campaigns. An attorney retired from a silk-stocking Wisconsin law firm brands Your Humble Bloggeur as a member of the Establishment Elite. Moi? Elite?

Mr. Ken Bone asks a question.

It is civil war but barely civil. When finger pointing begins a month before the election, you pretty much know you’re screwed. Grist for Charlie Sykes’ book in progress, an accounting of the great conservative crack-up of 2016.

It’s all our fault. Sykes, Brian Fraley, Christian Schneider, Green Bay radio guy Jerry Bader, Reps. Paul Ryan and Reid Ribble, Sens. Ayotte, Flake, Lee, McCain, Sasse, Portman, Toomey, and Kirk; former state GOP chairman Grebe — we’re all to blame except for an undisciplined candidate who would rather condemn than cajole. One-fourth of GOP elected officials have deserted Trump, according to USA Today.

Funny thing, denizens of the Stately Manor are not particularly bothered by the Access Hollywood tapes — two alpha males BS-ing on a bus, trying to one-up each other. JFK likely said worse to Kenny O’Donnell but that was before tiny video cameras. Problem is, one need not exhume 11-year-old tapes for evidence of boorishness. Megyn Kelly caught the scent when she asked the very first question in the very first debate about Donald’s misogyny. Her reward: “Blood coming out of her eyes … or her whatever.” Did JFK ever diss a woman in public like Trump dissed Carly Fiorina’s appearance? When did character cease to matter?

The Trump-No-Matter-What loyalists counter that it’s just words to Hillary’s actions. But words are a window to the soul. Give Trump the nuclear codes, the IRS, the FBI if you dare. You don’t think a demagogue can do real harm as commander in chief? Has this man even read the Constitution?

I hate that we are in this place. Hillary is an out-and-out liar. A grifter who got rich by selling access to the government trough. In Sunday’s debate, Hillary promised to appoint justices who would put government in charge of political speech and how many sweets we can eat. Defeatists insist we must vote for evil if it is the lesser evil.

Could an independent candidate win?

RINO? Spurned by a growing list of elected Republicans, “unshackled” in his own words, Donald Trump is a Republican in name only. He has left the Republican Party, if he ever really joined it.

“Trump has basically said goodbye to the establishment of his own party,” Gerald Seib asserts in the Wall Street Journal.

Monday, the white lab coats at the Policy Werkes speculated that Nov. 8 could deny any candidate the 270 votes in the Electoral College needed to win and that Utah might play that spoiler. Now we hear that independent candidate and former CIA operative Evan McMullin polls at 22% in Utah — just behind Trump and Hillary’s 26%, according to a new poll.

McMullin would be a write-in here in Wisconsin, but a registered write-in, meaning his votes would be tabulated unlike, say, votes for Mickey Mouse.


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Oct 13, 2016 10:03 am
 Posted by  AnonyBob

Dave, despite your affinity in recent years for Tea, I've always considered you an establishment GOPer, like your mentor Tommy! No RINO are you; you still manage to slip in the party line, bereft of facts - "Hillary is an out-and-out liar" (Politifact documents she's the most honest of this year's candidates, especially compared to your side) - " rich by selling access to the govt. trough" (absolutely no evidence of this, unless you put Reagan in the same boat for post-public office paid speeches). Still, Trump vs. the GOP is a train wreck. His rallies are pure willful ignorance and ugliness, a stain on the body politic that your party must own. As an establishment Dem it's hard not to feel some glee, but it's also sad to witness and it's not good for the health of the republic. I hope you all figure it out how to move beyond the drunk-on-tea-oppose-Obama-at-any-cost mindset that brought you where you are today.

Oct 13, 2016 11:56 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

you are giving blaska too much credit. he has never thought on his own, ever.

they (repubs) would have to have integrity to figure things out. sad thing is, they don't even know what it means.

Oct 13, 2016 12:15 pm
 Posted by  madisonexpat

Hey kids, I must agree with AnonyBob. He has convinced me that this election is in the bag.
There's really no point in going out to vote.
Thanks Bob.

Oct 13, 2016 12:19 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Did Trump buy his nomination? Hardly. He may have spent the least of all the "serious" candidates. Does Scott "leading by leaving" Walker even count in that group?

Did he somehow threaten other candidates to step aside? Hardly. They attempted to marshal their forces against him, to no avail. Did he sic goons on delegates, threatening them against mutiny? No, that was Paul Ryan and Reince Pribus, who insisted that everyone must line up behind Trump and show party unity.

So how is Trump to "blame" for his own nomination? Was he not selected, fairly and squarely, by registered Republicans across this great nation? He's not a Republican because he says he is, he's a Republican because Republicans say he is. Overwhelmingly. With their votes and their t-shirts and their calls in to radio shows and their social media posts.

Trump is your problem, Republican Dave. Own it.

Oct 13, 2016 12:24 pm
 Posted by  David Blaska

“You need both a public and a private position” on policy." -- Hillary Clinton in her secret speeches to Wall Street.

"New Abedin Emails Reveal Hillary Clinton State Department Gave Special Access to Top Clinton Foundation Donors." -- Judicial Watch

"New Docs Show Clinton Foundation Donors Sought Access to State Department." -- ABC News

Oct 13, 2016 12:45 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Come on, Blaska, you're better than that (theoretically).

Find me a politician or public official who's achieved high office who hasn't offered perks like special access to their top donors. It's pervasive in the system. They all do it, even choir boy Paul Ryan. This is what you get when you let big money into politics, which you're already on record supporting. Stop acting like everyone in politics (at least the ones with Rs next to their names) are holier than Hillary. They're not, and you know it.

And please, don't argue that because she was working for the state department and not voters that it somehow makes a difference. If you dig deep enough you're going to find every cabinet member throughout history, regardless of party affiliation, playing favorites at some point or another with their friends and allies.

Oct 13, 2016 12:48 pm
 Posted by  madisonexpat

Samantha Bee demonstrates that brevity is the soul of wit.
She said Hillary's entire campaign is,
"Hey f***face! Vote for me or you're a racist."

Oct 13, 2016 01:10 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Well, Expat, considering the racists' affinity for Trump, that's not so far off. Strange, actually, that you seem so convinced Trump, the alt-right's candidate of choice, isn't racist. Or if you acknowledge his racism you still so ardently support him.

Go ahead and deflect now. You could give Kellyanne Conway a run for her money.

Oct 13, 2016 01:13 pm
 Posted by  madisonexpat

Hello Alice.
You've been with the Mad Hatter again haven't you?

Oct 13, 2016 01:22 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Right on queue ...

Hey! Did you see the video of a 46-year-old Trump talking to a 10-year-old girl and saying he'd be dating her in 10 years? Classy guy you're supporting! And amid everything else coming out about the guy, you still think these are just words?

(I forgot — you conservatives just call that, what is it again? Oh yeah, a "youthful indiscretion." Nothing to see here I guess, move on.)

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