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October 2015


Obama’s post-Ferguson legacy: police stand down; young bullies rough up teachers

Ferguson burned because of a lie while the president blamed the police. Uniformed officers in Baltimore are standing down. Progressive Madison dotes on Young, Gifted and Black and makes a drug-abusing ex-felon into a martyr, while Chief Mike Koval and his dedicated force twist in the wind.

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Vote no to a racist candidate for judge

Madison and Dane County are about to have a most worthwhile debate. The subjects: minority achievement, public safety, and quality of life — issues that have been roiling the Emerald City. Those issues are bookended by the yawning racial achievement gap in Madison’s public schools and the shooting death of drug abuser Anthony Terrell Robinson earlier this year.

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Brenda channels Bernie’s socialism

A socialist’s virtue comes cheap when the price is none of the sacrifice and all of the reward. When officials belatedly moved the vagrants from the City-County Building, Brenda Konkel told them to camp out at the site of the former St. Raphael’s Cathedral. Quelle Cheek!

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Liberal bias against free speech is non-partisan

I read something the other day in The Capital Times that astounded me. (Then again, almost everything I read from my old campsite astounds me.)

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Three Madison originals have left the building

Three Madison originals died last week — Leon Varjian, Uncle Rodney Kreunen, and Marty Beil.

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G.A.B. blew up real good

… As Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok might say on SCTV’s Farm Film Celebrity Blow-Up.

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Expect the unexpected exploring Sauk County farms, foods, and outdoor art

The sun is shining, the early fall weather is delightful. Trees are turning, cows lazing in the pasture. Time for a road trip through the hills and valleys of bucolic Sauk County.

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Blaska’s Bring It! is not a sitting duck

Forget those signs that read “No Firearms on Premises.” The sign at the cavernous entrance to the Stately Manor reads “No Sitting Ducks Here.”

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