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October 2014


Mary Burke wants to lead, but just not yet

It is what’s called “posing for holy pictures.” With the election but one week away, Madison school board member Mary Burke voted against a 4.2% tax increase. But she voted in favor of a 2.4% increase in teacher pay. In other words, she was for the teacher pay hike before she was against the budget that would pay for it.

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Blaska offers to sell out for the small screen

I admit it. I envy Mitch Henck. Not just for his good looks and great golf game. Nor for his Frank Sinatra suave or his encyclopedic knowledge of the hoops game. Not even for the mellifluence of his voice. No, I’m Incredible Hulk green for his online podcasts. That’s a gig I could go for.

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Tall tales from a top-down Democrat(ic) campaign

I’ve debated Dale Schultz. I’ve spoken with him informally. He’s tall. State Sen. Schultz identifies as a Republican, much to the delight of the leftward news media (pardon the redundancy). The good senator is enjoying his last few weeks of strange new respect. Trash your own Republican Party and be amazed at how the liberal press swoons with delight.

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Scott Walker gives a liberal answer on Milwaukee crime

Speaking of Friday’s gubernatorial debate, Our Ms. Burke was asked if she would undo Act 10. She never answered nor did the panelists, sworn to keep the candidates on task, demand an answer.

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Jobs, schmobs! Walker-Burke is about the teachers unions

This governor’s race is giving me the heebie-jeebies. It’s closer than a busy locker room gymnasium in August. Here is what the Wisconsin governor’s race is not about: It’s not about jobs, the button issue Democratic challenger Mary Burke pushes hardest. It’s about three things.

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Seeing and tasting a wealth of beauty in Wisconsin’s hill and farm country

One of the best things I’ve done this year is driving the Farm/Art DTour last weekend. It’s part of the now-concluded, 10-day Reedsburg Fermentation Fest, which includes seminars on making your own yogurt, mozzarella, ethanol, and Japanese miso — among many other things.

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Koch Brothers take over Philadelphia schools!

They’re everywhere! A Capital Newspapers Inc. reader reports Burke yard signs stolen on Madison’s east side, names Koch Brothers as persons of interest. Now the Brothers Koch (including hideously deformed brother Alec) have taken over the Philadelphia public schools.

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Mary Burke may not be leading*, but she emanates like crazy

About that full-page cover of the Sept. 24 Burke Weekly Times, dominated by the strong and warm one herself over a headline ballyhooing “Mary Burke is winning*.” Never mind. After further review, it appears that a key ingredient in a “complex statistical model developed for The Capital Times” is GIGO* (*garbage in, garbage out).

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‘The [Democratic] Senate leader didn’t like leaving anything to chance or … to the voters’

It is a most beautiful part of the state, especially at this time of year — the farm and hill country of southwest Wisconsin. But the stench arising from the 17th District state Senate primary on the Democrat(ic) Party ballot may reach across the state.

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